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Audion Industries Gameplay

Audion Industries (audion.bsp) is a user created Half-Life Deathmatch map released on August 19th, 2000 by Marc Schröder (aka Term) of Poke646 fame. It is relatively small and only contains six spawn points. Audion Industries was Marc's first and only Half-Life Deatchmatch map ever released; however, he has another map named "Reactor Complex" which was never released.

It features custom textures and custom sky graphics. Audion Industries received much play on servers because of its fast paced gameplay and quality design. "*H.D.K*budzilla" was known to release an alternate version with several entity customizations.


Download Audion Industries (file size: 1.49 MB, MIME type: application/zip)


  • audion.bsp
  • audion.txt
  • londonbk.tga
  • londondn.tga
  • londonft.tga
  • londonlf.tga
  • londonrt.tga
  • londonup.tga


audion.txt as supplied by the author:

                            *** MAP INFORMATION ***

Title: "Audion Industries"
Version: 2000-08-19
Filesize: 1.5 Mb
Author: Marc Schroeder aka Term
Email: /
Other Maps By Author: Not yet

Singleplayer: No
Deathmatch: Yes
Size: Small
Players: 2-4
Custom Textures: Yes
Custom Sky: Yes

---- Installation -----

Extract "audion.bsp" into your "valve/maps" folder like you usually do. Extract
all other files (the skybox "london") into the folder "valve/gfx/env". If you
can't find a folder "env" there, create one.

----- Description -----

This is my first map, so be indulgent with me :) "Audion Industries" is an
imaginary company, founded by me to place a series of deathmatch levels in this
environment. This map takes place in the main company area. The next map of this
series might be a harbour scene where "Audion Industries" ships their cargo.
Suggestions for other themes based losely around the company idea are welcome.

The map is small and will hold up to 4 players. The gameplay I had in mind while
creating was the classic "Gasworks" (my alltime favourite) with a lower [[Player|player]]
load. It has a sniper tower (rewarding but dangerous), several buildings with a
fluent connectivity and some roofs for hot vertical action.

------- Weapons -------

Don't search for the gauss, you won't find it :) The reason why I didn't include
the gauss was that I want the [[Player|player]] to keep in motion instead of gaussjumping
to the weapons. Another reason is that the walls of the buildings are all too
thin to stand a gaussshot and there's nothing I hate more than the "Crossfire-
wiuiuiuiuiuiuiu-splat!"-effect every single second :)

All other weapons except the egon are present and placed throughout the *whole*
map. So you'll have to search for some, but trust me: they're there. Ammo and
weapons are spread rarely, maybe too rare, but this brings in a strategic
element into the map that I missed a bit in the fully stuffed maps I've played

----- Known Bugs ------

Hm... not much that I'm aware of. R_speeds can get a bit high in a few places
but they shouldn't cause any serious problems on modern systems.

---- Construction -----

C'mon folks... is there really anyone out there interested in how many entities
went into this map? Ok, ok, here's what you need to know: my system is lousy and
compiling took forever. Due to the fact that it is my first map, I had to redo
the whole map several times to get it running at all. After all it was a painful
but worthy experience. So expect more to come from me in the future! :)

------ Textures -------

You'll find quite a few custom textures in this map, they're all from me (hey,
I'm studying graphics, that's my job! :)). This map also features a (IMHO) kick
ass skybox which I created from a photo of London from St. Pauls Cathedral and
some computer generated clouds.

----- Copyrights ------

Copyright 2000 Marc Schroeder

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this map, i.e. put it on a CD or any
other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit permission.
You might get it through contacting me via Email. Feel free to distribute this
level, but only if the original zipfile stays intact: the bsp, this file and the

You may use my skybox for your levels if you give credit to me in your readme
file. If I find it in any level without a note, I'll hunt and frag you! :)

-- Thanks & Credits ---

Cybermessias and Soulbro for playtesting
Yak Fighter for the truck prefab
The many forums out there for instant newbie help
Valve for the best game ever (well... except Paradroid)

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