sa_angelsarena Overview

Angel's Arena (sa_angelsarena.bsp) is a Garry's Mod map for the modification Sassilization created by Artificial and released on October 14th, 2008. It is known for its strange and uncommon theme and textures but also for its unique game play.

The map features seven heart-shaped wall decorations where two of each node are placed beneath as well as three sheds where two farming nodes are placed inside. Apart from these locations, there is several mining nodes placed near the water. The map also features unique blockades that appear at head level that are meant to block scallywag units, but allow ground units to pass. The sheds make for divergent strategies such as creating walls and towers to fortify yourself from outside attacks; however, scallywags will be able to get through each of the windows and door, even with walls built. Two of the sheds are positioned just far enough from the wall to allow players to build behind them, allowing players the possibility of sneak or "ninja" attacks.

One strategy that is used quite frequently is the "grey wall" trick which is accomplished by building a city just to build walls near it, then deleting the city so that the walls will turn grey and other players will not be able to attack or get by them. This can be easily countered by another player building a city near the walls to gain control over them and delete them, thus, gaining entrance to the blocked off area. This is most often used in the front entrance of the sheds.