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Screenshot from All Your Frags are....

"All Your Frags are...." is a flash animation and video created by Jim Kern (maleficmadness) and released on July 2nd, 2001 on Newsgrounds. It features references from a variety of Valve games including Half-Life and Team Fortress Classic remixed with an edited version of "All your base are belong to us" techno remix featured as the main soundtrack for the animation.


A variety of edited screenshots (with the words "all your frags are belong to us") appear throughout the animation including references from:


As posted on Newgrounds by Jim Kern:

So you think the All your Base thing is done and milked out? Think again... Welcome to "All Your Frags Are Belong To Us" Combining Half-Life with one of the most popular internet jokes of all time. We got plenty more flash cartoons and videos of various types at our site, So check em out! -Later, Kern

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