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Action Half-Life 2 is an action movie-style Half-Life 2 modification and the sequel to a once popular Half-Life modification entitled "Action Half-Life". The first beta was released May 31st, 2009 after may months of development.

The modification is also referred to as "Action HL 2" and shortened as "AHL2". This release has also introduced a slogan or "marketing line" called "The Sauce of Death". Currently, there is four gameplay modes, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Teamplay, and Last Man Standing.

The game features movie-like stunts and realism, focusing on action, fast-paced based gameplay. There is a variety of weapons and items with references to such movies as Hard Boiled, Face Off, and Die Hard. The modification was developed by two modification teams: Ministry of Action (MoA) and The A-Team (Akimbo Team Productions, LLC) who both feature members that also worked on the original game.


Beta Issues

As of the first beta release there exists only one official map, causing server administrators to find Half-Life 2: Deathmatch maps that will run properly in the modification. This has also caused stability issues on the servers (which may be unrelated) that cause frequent crashes.

Beta Testers

The following list of people are credited as beta testers for Action Half-Life 2:

banana, bantam, BeerDog, BlackHawk, Bolo, CherryPhosphate, damian622, DrChronic, el_duderino, epix, HELLION, Ilkimys, Iniquity, JDC, kaneda, koNan, lexicon, ohfomehxr, otzenGulasch, PointlesS, PublicLag, Raven, rustymonkey, Sandman, shorty1k, skeej, Switch, Thor, Triga, Varinger, Veritas, xeLJoYo, and Zed.



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