ADAM is a single player Half-Life modification, or an "add-on" as its referred to by its creator, Grey Dog. It was released on April 20th, 2000 and consists of 18 small maps.

A small update was released shortly after to correct some bug fixes and also to include a "hints.txt" which acts as a text-based walkthrough for the modification. It is notable for its use of nudity in both textures and models and having a large warning on the first level of the modification about the sexual content. The modification takes around 2 to 3 hours to complete and features a very complex and long story.



  • When falling down on to map, "8b", sometimes you will get stuck in the platform when the game loads. To correct this, hold crouch as you fall.
  • You will not be able to change weapons until you get the HEV suit; however, if you bind a key to next or previous weapon (defaulted to "[" and "]"), you may switch them by pressing the key followed by the fire button.


Included with the release are two extra maps included. One, named "adam_dm" appears to be a Half-Life deathmatch map, perhaps to be played in the modification's multiplayer mode. "adamcastle", the other map included cannot be played normally; however, you may load the map, turn the gravity very low and allow your player character to spawn and fall gracefully rather than spawn and die from a high fall. This map appears to be an early development version of a castle themed Team Fortress Classic map.

Additional Credits

  • Adam Grebinsky [ShadowByte] - "Cargo Truck" prefab
  • David "DEfusion" Spurr - Bazooka weapon model
  • Kris Hauser - Naked "Nympho Model"


Story, as supplied by the author, Grey Dog, in the supplied adam.txt with spelling corrections:

PREFACE: (Who are you and where do you come from)

You are Adam from the planet Esidarap. This planet is pristine with no violence, weapons or pollution of any kind. The members of this society have never been exposed to the evil ways of other primitive planets and Esidarap's world council want to keep it that way. The people of Esidarap are born with genetics that are pre-programmed toward the persuit of peace, love, liberty and freedom. There are no governments, police, religions or military. They do not have or use; money, status symbols or class. In fact, everything on Esidarap is FREE. Esidaraps are geneticly motivated to be the best they can be and spend their time in the pursuit of arts, science and humanity. People only do what they love to do and everyone is happy on Esidarap. They believe that everyone is created equal and that society is only as strong as it's weakest link. They take pride in insuring that there are no weak links for anyone! This may at first seem ridiculous and non-functional, but it is working and working well. Only those who love growing things become farmers, only those who truly love healing become doctors etc. As, everything on Esidarap is free and there is no money, all motivations toward profit has been eliminated. There is no one earning $60 million a year while others only earn $10k a year. There is no such thing as the "haves and have nots". Everyone lives in the same style of shelters. Diamonds are used for drill tool bits and are not worn by people. To prevent cliche's or isolated groups of people from forming, Esidaraps use only one language. Creating new words not known by others is frowned upon. No one owns anything but rather, everyone owns everything. They believe that acts of kindness and love are to be shared and expressed with all people. Anything that has the potential of separating people or causing dis-harmony in any way, has long since been abandoned a thousand years ago. There are no unpleasant functions or "jobs" on Esidarap. There are no garbage men, waitress, butlers, servants, taxi or chauffeurs. There isn't any cars on Esidarap. Any activity that could produce waste has either been eliminated or a new method has been devised that does not produce pollution or waste products. There is no need for marketing, so products are not packaged. Need a factory built? Those who love to build things will help you, free. Don't want to work? Only want to play tennis all day? No problem, people will come and watch you do what you love to do. Do you only want to sit and play computer games all day? Great, beta-testers are needed all the time. Get the picture? As Adam, you are motivated to protect your society and Esidarap from all outside influences and invaders.


The year is 2100. It has been 40 years since the Black Mesa fiasco on planet Earth. Currently, Earth has perfected stealth technology to the point of complete invisibility. This is a threat to Esidarap, as the CIA in a joint venture with the military has adapted stealth to be used on interstellar space ships. These ships could pass undetected through Esidarap's "First Strike" defense system which is located on Esidarap's 4 moons. This defense system was built by the wise founding fathers of Esidarap over 2 thousand years ago to keep the planet isolated and protected from the evil and primitive influences of other less advanced alien cultures. World Council in it's wisdom and knowledge of Earth, know it is only a matter of time before the first Earthling religious missionaries arrive to convert, "brainwash" us poor ignorant Esidarap savages into submission prior to their total occupation of Esidarap. We cannot allow this to happen and must take action to prevent Esidarap from becoming another colony of Earth.


World Council has accepted your request to volunteer for the mission. We trust you have completed the DNA reconstruct in order to impersonate a scientist we have selected at random. His name is Gordon Freeman. We have captured and teleported some of the Earth military creatures for you to examine. They are stored on an abandoned Earth Space Freighter. Some of these violent creatures are wearing "Stealth Belts" and are virtually, invisible. We have also found some of their primitive weapons, which you should study and learn how to use. You must learn how these creatures react, fight and kill. Adam, we are sorry to say that you must learn how to kill. When you are finished with these sample beings, destroy the space freighter and use the ITR (Intergalactic Teleport Ring) to transport down to the planet Earth surface. World Council has studied and learned that in order to prevent Earth creatures from learning about us, you must go back in time and prevent the invention of "Stealth". We have learned that 40 years ago, one individual was responsible for the idea and creation of the "Stealth Belt". During the 40 years that followed, this technology is refined, perfected and applied to space ships for intergalactic exploration or military purposes. The inventor of "Stealth" is a scientist named Einstein and was working in a location called Black Mesa 40 years ago. Fortunately, the Earth creatures don't know what these ITR's are. They believe they are some kind of metal artwork peace symbol from a period they refer to as the 60's. They have some of these ITR's stored in sheds and some are on display as artwork. Time travel nodes are generated and date locked based on the first time an ITR is used. The ITR located in the abandon space freighter will automatically generate a time node, which is pre-programmed to a time when it was first used, which oddly, is also roughly 40 years ago. There is another ITR on display somewhere within the Black Mesa facility. You must find it in order to get back to the present time line and return home. To activate a dormant ITR's time node you must apply a high velocity impact to the right hand 3:00 o'clock position or east side. This creates a golden time node within a random radius unique to each ITR. Jump through this time node to return to the present time line. Time nodes are tied to the ITR function and will activate an ITR's teleport capabilities on the ITR located in the future automatically.

Adam, you must find this Einstein and terminate him. Completely destroy the facility he is working in to prevent others from learning about or creating "Stealth". You are also requested NOT to harm or terminate ANY other scientists or creatures as we want to minimize the potential for time-space event corruptions/distortions. You are however, authorized to disable/terminate any creature that stands between you and your mission objective.

Good Luck, Adam 
Our world and way of life is in your hands...

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