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[1RZ] Deathmatch FFA Oz Server MOTD as seen on April 28th, 2009

[1RZ] Deathmatch FFA Oz Server is a Half-Life Deathmatch server run and maintained by [1RZ] clan leader, [1RZ] DANE (aka Frank Redlin). It is a clan-based server running the Half-Life Oz Deathmatch plugin and was first launched in September, 2008.

It runs very fast shotgun settings, not unlike Allie's Urban Assault; however, unlike Allie's Urban Assault, there is a primary emphasis on the shotgun, where as other weapons are not speed up at all or not as much as the shotgun.

A new server is up. This server is supposed to replace the original.

Server Address
(Original Server)
(New Server)