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101 Grunts Starting Room

101 Grunts is are series of Half-Life single-player maps created by Jonathan L. Gower and released on September 23rd, 1999. The series contains three different maps focusing around killing marine grunts (101 of them) with very little plot or explanation.

The series takes place within some type of storage complex with elements of computing areas as well as offices or teaching/training rooms. It's notable for its difficulty level especially when played on a medium or hard difficulty setting. The architecture and level design are amateurish but suits the purpose of the maps well which are intended as linear shooting action, as well, these maps are the creators first released maps.



There are instances where you may become stuck behind a swinging door (on the second map) due to a bug which closes and "locks" the door shut when a grenade or something else touches it. Another issue noted is about the swinging door where sometimes a marine may get stuck in the doorway which will flood the door closing sound repeatedly.


Download 101 Grunts (file size: 753 KB, MIME type: application/zip)


  • 101GRNT1.bsp
  • 101GRNT1.nod
  • 101GRNT1.nrp
  • 101GRNT2.bsp
  • 101GRNT2.nod
  • 101GRNT2.nrp
  • 101GRNT3.bsp
  • 101GRNT3.nod
  • 101GRNT3.nrp
  • 101Grunt.txt
  • rain.spr


Below is the 101Grunt.txt file as supplied in the archive file by the author. Certain formatting and spelling corrections have been made, please refer to the original archive file for original document.

Title: 101 Grunts
Filename: 101Grunt.zip
Author: Jonathan L Gower
Email: jon@jlgower.freeserve.co.uk
Date Released: 25th September 1999
Description: 3 map single player mission for Half-Life
Previous Levels: None

Use FULL CAPITALS when loading the level otherwise the level changes wont work!

*Play Information*

Game: Half-Life (v1.0.0.9 at least)
Level Names: 
Single Player: Yes
Cooperative: No
DeathMatch: No
New Graphics: Yes (Rain Sprite by Freon)
New Sounds: No
Mew Music: No
Prefabs: No


Machine: PII350, 128M Ram, Voodoo2
Editor:	Worldcraft2.0
Build Time:	
101GRNT1.BSP,QCSG 4s,QBSP 3s,QRAD 18s,Vis 1s
101GRNT2.BSP,QCSG 7s,QBSP 7s,QRAD 28s,Vis 1s
101GRNT3.BSP,QCSG 12s,QBSP 21s,QRAD 54s Vis 20s 
Compile Settings: BSP all,RAD Normal, Vis Fast
Known Bugs: If you stand under a door and it closes and an enemy opens a door also you will get a recurring door sound. Also sometimes if you are in a battle near an open door and an explosion (ie Grenade) goes off it sometimes causes the door to close.

Extract the Zip file to your hardisk. You should then have a directory called 101Grunt. Copy the .BSP files to you HALFLIFE/VALVE/MAPS directory and copy the.NOD and .NRP files to HALFLIFE/VALVE/MAPS/GRAPHS directory. Place the rain.spr file in your HALFLIFE/VALVE/SPRITES directory. In your Halflife shortcut make sure you "-console". Start Half-Life, from the console type map 101GRNT1 (NAME IN CAPITALS). you can also set the skill level by typing skill n (n=1,2 or 3)

This is my first level for Half-Life. The reason its called 101 Grunts is because their are 101 grunt enemies in the level. There is also 4 Assassins and some gun turrets. I have made this level because I think fighting the grunts was the best aspect of the gameplay in Half-Life. This level is by no means perfect. I haven't got the AI as good as the original game but they will take cover, use doors and stairs. The architecture in the level is basic but adequate. I would appreciate some feedback on any aspects of the level.
* Disclaimer *

This .zip file and all its contents have been check and declared free of Viruses by McAffee Virus Scan running with latest available data files as of 28/04/99. None of these files has the potential to cause any damage whatsoever to your hardware or software and has not been designed to do so. I cannot be responsible for any damage which may result directly or indirectly from the use of these files or additional files added to or modifications made to the original installation 101GRUNT.zip. If you have any queries then please don't hesitate to E-mail me at the address at the top
of this document.

* Permissions *

These files may be used and distributed freely, as long as the archive
remains intact and no fee is charged. No part of these files may be recreated in any way, shape or form without my written permission. You must get my permission to put any of these files on a CD or any other type of electronic/digital media if you intend to sell it. Half Life is a registered trademark of Valve software.  

Copyright Jonathan L Gower 1999.

*Hints* (Only read if your stuck)

You shouldn't really get stuck as the level is fairly linear but on the second map where the two big main doors are and there is a T-junction you first have to go left because there is a door on the right. That door is opened in the room where there are two switches next to each other. The first switch shows a cut scene of the control room door opening. The second switch opens the door by the main doors which is en route to the control room.

The only other problem you may find is when you encounter the assassins. It first appears that you are trapped and that you can't get out even if you have killed the assassins. The answer is that on the far wall by the opposite door are two small boxes. These are hiding a vent that will give you access to the control room.


Freon for the Rain Tutorial, Valve Software, Radio 1 for providing the sounds while I was making this level 

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