AK47 rendering - The last render posted on ModDB

Bio-Threat (sometimes displayed as "Bio - Threat") was a Half-Life modification in development during early to mid 2003 by a small team being lead by David. It was to be a realistic, war-time combat modification with a focus on accurate damage. The only released imagery for the modification was a set of weapon and object renderings. It was planned to be both single-player and multi-player game.

The website (http://biothreat.cosanostraclan.com/) has since been suspended presumably due to inactivity; however, no archives can be found of it.


Verbatim of the modification's features as posted on ModDB by David on February 24th, 2003:

Bio-Threat is a mod not based on a gaming world only done in a gaming environment. With this in mind we are putting in realistic features of normal combatant life during a tour of duty in war time, these realistic features will not be 100% accurate as no game environment will allow the production of such great realism we can only get so close with our idea's. A lot of you will be asking what these are and will this be like other mods like CS with one shot kill junk. Well, with all due respect to other mods we are working on a system of Damage that would represent the actual human in a real combat attack. This means in doing this kinda of system there will hopefully be head shots, arm shots, leg shots, and such each will count for so much damage to the human life span. in remembering this is going to be as realistic as we can get it head shots may or may not kill in one shot as soldiers have on Kevlar helmets so in real it depends on the weapon you shot them in the head with. But please keep in mind we are attempting realism at its best in a video/PC game which has been done by many and we have a lot of learning to do yet on realism in game and the actual In game effects, but we shall learn and progress as we go and change, fix and remove, and add things as we need to. I hope this clears up a few questions you as gamers may have regarding what BT will be like.


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